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Salmon and Health

Numerous scientific studies prove that a healthy diet must include Omega 3, a fatty acid that the body does not produce by itself, therefore its obtainment must be external.

Salmon and trout are in the select group of the best sources of Omega 3, are also low in calories and high in protein, on the other hand, compared to red meat have up to 97% less saturated fat.


• Decreases triglycerides and cholesterol levels
• Prevents the formation of blood clots in the arteries
• In people with mild hypertension, blood pressure decreases
• Regularizes the heart rate and prevents cardiovascular diseases
• Protects against cancer, especially the colon, prostate and breast
• It has anti-inflammatory function and relieves the pain of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
• Promotes the proper functioning of the immune and nervous system

Not all fats are the same, while some can cause problems of overweight and various cardiovascular diseases.